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Slab Sentinel Binder Pages offer an ideal way to store, organise and view your graded trading card collection in a binder album, as you would a raw card collection.

The Slab Sentinel Binder Page allows you to mix-and-match your Slabbed collection by securely holding; PSA, CGC and equivalent Slabs such as MGC, PokeGrade, GetGraded and more.

This product will not hold BGS, PCA or ACE slabs and equivalent sizes.

– Product will fit in 2-ring, 3-ring or 4-ring binders.
– Lock-in tabs securely hold the Slab by ‘clicking’ into place.
– Notches allows for easy removal of the Slab to reorganise your collection.
– Stackable design without the face of Slab touching the page before.
– Slabs with Tight Fit Sleeves can fit in the Slab Sentinel Binder Pages.
– Manufactured in UK using  APET material which is fully recyclable in the UK.


Size;  H 300mm x W 235.5mm x D 10mm
– 4-pages fit in 2″ depth Binder.
– 6-pages fit in 3″ depth Binder.
– Please ensure binder size is adequate for the binder pages.


– The products intended use is as a storage solution for graded trading cards. The product does not claim to fully protect the graded trading card in extreme circumstances such as dropping from height. Please ensure the pages are fitted to a sturdy binder and store appropriately i.e do not place heavy items on top.

– Graded Slabs shown in images not included.
– Binder shown in images not included.