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In 1888, the fabric of space and time was torn apart - The Interstice, a gap in the universe - rippled in the air over what was once Richmond, Surrey. Scientists soon discovered that this bizarre temporal anomaly could act as a sort of “fountain of youth” - prehistoric fossils could be deposited into its swirling vortex, and through much engineering and experimentation, it was found that a human being’s life could be rejuvenated and extended by years or even decades when bathed in the energies released.

The Great Dinosaur Rush was born- Paleontology became the new world power, fossil beds became the new gold mines. People from all corners of the world flocked in annual pilgrimage to the Interstice, sacrificing their hard-won fossils to gain the smallest sip of immortality promised by the wondrous phenomenon. A new economy was born out of the ashes of the antediluvian age...and with it, new conflicts arose...