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  • Perfect tool for new and experienced game masters/dungeon masters
  • Written to be system neutral for any tabletop roleplaying game
  • 145 pages of taverns, plot hooks, and tools. Complete with space to add your own ideas
  • Fun and easy to navigate and utilise during a game
  • Perfect Gift: For any tabletop fan or worldbuilder


This guide to fantasy taverns for tabletop roleplaying games has been produced to help GM’s/DM’s of any level with their games. Set out over 145 pages the book is lightweight, easily transportable and is bursting with ideas and content for you to utilise during a game.


The book contains: plot hooks to get your players on the hunt for adventure; taverns arranged geographically complete with a rating and review; Staff and regular patrons to give you players someone to interact with; roll tables for drinks, distractions and for generating your own tavern; and tavern games of varying risk and reward. There’s even a section in the back of the book for you to add your own tavern ideas.


This book is the perfect gift for new and experienced GM’s/DM’s, it’s easy to use in a pinch and fun to explore while worldbuilding.