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Plot Hooks: 

Throughout the book, you will find a number of plot hook ideas but you will also find a whole section devoted to a few different settlement centred story starters!

Points of Interest:

Each settlement comes with a list of places or focal points that the city or town is best known for. Tourist attractions, places of historical significance etcetera. 

In a Nutshell:

This section provides the DM/GM with a bite-sized piece of flavour text designed to give the person behind the screen and the players an insight into the overall feel of the place. 


Each settlement comes with a description of its surroundings and geographical location. This section, while providing plenty of detail, still allows the DM or GM to place the City or Town wherever they want in their worlds.  

People of the Settlement: 

This section describes the sort of people that live within the walls of the city or town. Maybe they're suspicious of outsiders? Maybe they honour strict traditions that must be obeyed? The choices are varied and plentiful. 

Trading and Taverns:

Each city or town needs a source of income and relaxation. This section describes the sorts of commerce and trade the settlement specialises in. Is it a mining town? or a city with a busy shipping district? And how do the people of the town relax after a hard days work?

Popular Establishments:

In this section, you will find an easy to navigate table of popular places that your adventurers might seek out. Smithy's, Inn's, Temple's, Archives, it's all there. 

Locations, Shops, and Sights:

This section provides a more detailed look at some of the popular places to visit and the important parts of the settlement that your adventure might take you. 

Important NPC's:

You can't run a city without people (most of the time), so with this really handy table full of fleshed-out NPC's you can easily populate these settlements with people for your adventurers to interact with. And if your players are anything like ours, it won't matter if they kill them the moment they make contact with them because you haven't spent hours lovingly creating them. 

Homebrew Section:

As with our first Pocket Companion, we have included a section for you to add your own cities and towns.