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PIRATE BORG is a self-contained rules-light RPG for running swashbuckling campaigns using the Mork Borg Third Party License. Character creation is optimized for random generation (though not required), and during combat, all rolls are made by the players: enemies don't roll to attack, instead, PCs roll to defend. Mork Borg is fun, easy to learn, potentially deadly, and perfect for OSR-style one-shots and for campaigns that focus more on player agency and intelligent decisions and less on character optimization and "what's on my character sheet". It is great for battle map combat as well as theatre-of-the-mind style of play, and it really excels at weird, strange, and dark, perfect for a horror-style pirate campaign.


  • 6x PC classes 
  • 2x Optional Classes
  • Bestitary with Pirate Themed Monsters
  • Random Pirate "Monster" Generator
  • Loot Tables
  • Treasure Hunting
  • Maritime Travel
  • Derelict Ships
  • Pirate Quests
  • Simple Naval Combat Rules
  • Ship Stat Blocks
  • Short, Introductory Adventure