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Let your passions burn with The Fires Within Dynasty Pack for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game.Explore the raging element of Fire with three copies of twenty new cards in the third Dynasty Pack of the Elemental Cycle. New Shugenja and Spells expand the power of the most explosive element, while the Mantis Clan continues to grow its ranks.

Illuminating Rokugan, Fire is an element of passion, love, and obsession. In moderation, this element is vital to the Emerald Empire, inspiring creativity and ingenuity across the land. However, when stretched beyond its boundaries, Fire can turn into a raging inferno, destroying all in its path. It is a difficult balance to maintain, and the scales are beginning to tip.

The Fires Within explores the explosive element of Fire with new Spells and Shugenja focusing on the element, as well as a new card for the Mantis and a new ancient Creature to aid the Unicorn.

With the Great Clans of Rokugan besieged on all sides by forces both external and internal, the Great Clans need concepts like honor and glory to maintain peace and order. In the hardest of times, it is honor and glory that keep a samurai from losing themselves completely and assist them in finding a path through the darkness.

The Crane boast some of the finest duelists in the Emerald Empire. These swordsmen are not only known for their skill with the blade, but for the grace with which they wield it. The Kakita Blade (For Honor and Glory, 33) is useful in military conflict, boosting the military skill of its user by two, but truly shines when its wielder is involved in a duel. Whenever the wielder of a Kakita Blade wins a duel, you gain one honor. Against decks that focus on draining honor, like the Scorpion, this can provide a massive boost when equipped on a character like Kakita Kaezin (Core Set, 49), who can continually duel every turn. Furthermore, when the attached character is participating in a duel, they get plus two political skill. This boost to political skill is perfectly timed, as For Honor and Glory introduces the very first political duel in the game.