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This expansion contains 12 spellbooks.
- 3 univeral spellbooks
Hierophants, Soulless and Terror.

- 3 Tsang Tribe spellbooks
Idolatry, Martyrdom and Tablets of the Outer Gods.

- 3 Leng Tribe spellbooks

Surprise! an action costing 2 Power. An enemy player has to choose one of his acolytes, and swap it out for one of your Proto-Shoggoths.

Dark Rituals Use it once per turn. When you play it, each enemy player with one of your High Priests in their Starting Area has to choose whether to pay you 2 Power or 2 Doom. (A player with less than 2 Power or Doom is immune.)

Fulmination A one-time post-battle effect. If Ubbo-Sathla was killed in the Battle, you can discard him out of the game permanently, and gain 1 Elder Sign for each unit killed in the battle (on both sides).

- 3 Sarkomand Tribe spellbooks

Otherworld Alliances this adds 1 to the Combat of all your Neutral Monsters and Terrors.

Doomsday another one-use spellbook. When you take it, you immediately pick any Independent Great Old One with a cost of 2 or 4 (only) and place it at your controlled Gate. Always fun.

Inerrant when you Ritual, gain 1 Elder Sign for each enemy-controlled Gate at which you have any Great Old Ones.