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A new era is dawning in The Third Horizon. The signs are there, the Icons are whispering it. A new beginning - or a downfall. It`s time for you and your crew to make your own fate in the dark between the stars in Coriolis: The Third Horizon! Coriolis is a science fiction role playing game set in a remote cluster of star systems called The Third Horizon. It is a place ravaged by conflict and war, but also home to proud civilizations, both new and ancient. Here, the so called First Come colonists of old worship the Icons, while the newly arrived Zenithians pursue an aggressive imperialistic agenda through trade and military power. Crew a space ship and travel the Horizon. Explore the ancient ruins of the Portal Builders, undertake missions for powerful factions, and partake in the political intrigues on Coriolis station. From the Monolith in the jungles of Kua to the floating temples of Mira, the Horizon is yours to explore!